Our Story

Landscape view of Sydney coastline

The Australian Bush is special.

I’ve been fortunate enough to visit over 70 countries and while each have interesting flora, you start seeing overlap and similarities. Not so in Australia. Ours is unique. I spent much of my youth walking and camping in remote parts of Australia, just like my father before me.

There is an energy and power in our plants. For over 40,000 years Australians have turned to Bush Remedies to help themselves.

We started Balance® with the intention, in a small and subtle way, of bringing some of those properties to a beverage that was readily available in a convenient form. A beverage that was easy to drink and came in a beautifully designed and practical bottle. One that did justice to the delicate contents inside. We go to a lot of effort to hand pick wildflowers in some of the most remote parts of Australia. We gently infuse them into the best spring water, in just the right amount so as not to impart a flavour. We hope you enjoy the final results as much as we do.


We are growing quickly and are working on some exciting variations. They will be simple, all-natural, authentic products.

We are also working on a more sustainable packaging option so we can continue to bring you refreshing spring water.

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