Only the best water

Spring Water

vs. Imposters

Many bottled waters are tap water that has been filtered and put directly into a bottle. Tap water is often labelled; Reverse Osmosed Water, Purified Water, Vapor Distilled Water, Ultra-purified Water, Filtered water etc.

The most natural, pristine and uncontaminated water source is Spring Water (‘springs’ to the surface from underground aquifers under natural pressure). Mountain aquifers that have large tracts of State forests or National parks next to them as catchment areas make the best spring water. They are away from lowland agrochemical contamination and use good mountain bedrock for filtration. At Balance we infuse our flowers in mountain spring water.


The Real Story

If you drink alkaline water (pH of 8, 9 or even higher) it will quickly neutralise your stomach acid (acid + alkaline = salt + water), thereby stopping the stomach from doing its primary job. In response to this a healthy stomach will actually secrete more acid to return the stomach to its proper pH of between 1.5 and 3.5.

The biochemistry of our bodies evolved over 5 million years to drink stream and spring water with a neutral or slightly acidic pH. This is what our bodies are designed to process best. Alkaline water should not be confused with an alkaline diet. A diet rich in leafy greens and non-starch vegetables (alkaline) has always been encouraged as part of a healthy diet.


Fluoride in the form of Hexafluorosilicic acid is an inorganic compound manufactured as a precursor to aluminum trifluoride. It is used as a source of fluoride for water fluoridation.

There is a great deal of controversy surrounding the Fluoridation of water. The practice has now been banned in many countries including Germany, Sweden, Netherlands, Finland, Japan, Russia and The Czech Republic.

Balance water does not contain Fluoride.

Tap Water

What's Really in it

Many municipal water systems start with good water. The problem with tap water is the chemicals that are added at the treatment plants. Industrial chemicals that were often chosen back in the mid to late 20th century. Chemicals are added for coagulation, disinfection, fluoridation, water softening, corrosion control, dechlorination and odor removal.

Drink a glass of Australian tap water at room temperature and you can smell the chemicals as you raise the glass to your mouth. Common water filters like Brita® which are based on ion exchange resins and activated carbon filters do not remove most of these chemicals. Balance does not contain any of the common chemicals found in tap water.