Our Secret


Balance Water owns a subsidiary company Wandarra Esssences. Wandarra is an Australian Aboriginal term for good. David Adams heads up Wandarra, which is based in beautiful Port Douglas in the far north Australian tropics.

Five to six times a year Dave assembles a small team and heads to remote parts of Australia to collect and process wildflowers that are in bloom. The wildflowers we use grow in abundance and are not protected or endangered. They are picked on large private properties, growing wild (not farmed) and only 30% of the flowers from any particular plant are picked. Dave has to travel for long distances on dirt roads to reach these locations and more often than not camp out for many days as there is no accommodation.

Sun Method

Once a plant group is identified, Dave’s team assemble large glass bowls of Spring Water and go about picking flowers that are in 3 stages. Early, mid and late bloom in order to capture all the life stages of the plant. The flowers are gently immersed in the water and left there for 4 hours in bright sunlight. Making flower essences by this method is the way many indigenous cultures from Asia, India, Central and South America made herbal teas. After 4 hours the flowers are removed and the water is strained into a container to become essence A.

Boiling Method

Along with the longer sun method, Dave’s team will also take flowers and boil them for 5 minutes to extract all the properties of the flowers. This essence B is a much darker more concentrated liquid containing all the properties of the flowers. Essence A and B are combined and put through a multi filtration process to remove any coarse plant material or pollen. The final essence C concentrate is put through an all natural proprietary process to ensure sterility.


The final essence C is shipped to Sydney, California, New York and Germany for dosing into local mountain spring water. In Sydney we use water from the Blue Mountains. In California, the mountains around Ramona, and in New York, the Catskill mountains. The essence is dosed in diluted quantities at bottling plants next to the water source. The dilution used is enough to be efficacious but not enough to flavor or color the water.